July 19, 2023

Pilsners at the Picnic

Brick West's Pilsner: German Style Pilsner 5.1% ABV
 Crisp and refreshing with balanced bitterness, Brick West Pilsner showcases the finest German malt and noble hops. Traditional clean and bready malt flavors support herbal, floral and slightly spicy hop aromatics and flavor. With a medium body and a dry finish, BW Pilsner is the epitome of balance, simplicity and flavor.

Bale Breaker's Pilsner: Classic American Pilsner 4.8% ABV
 A classic American Pilsner that perfectly balances hops and malts for a crisp flavor and a clean finish. Made with hops from our family farm.

Lewis & Clark's Pompey Pilsner: Traditional Czech Style 5.5% ABV
 On Friday, July 25, 1806 Captain William Clark named the tower along the Yellowstone River Pompey’s Pillar. The Pillar bears Clark’s signature along with many petroglyphs. It’s only fitting that Lewis & Clark brews Pompey’s Pilsner. 
Lewis & Clark's head brewer, Sean Tobin, loves brewing Pilsner-style beer and the Pompey's Pilsner is his unique recipe. Silver Medal Award Winner at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, Pompey's Pilsner is a perfectly refreshing summer beer.

Laughing Dog's Paw Print Pilsner: Authentic Czech Style 5.7% ABV
 Assertively hopped with Saaz hops for an authentic Czech-style pilsner. Light in color, but full of herbal/spicy flavors and light floral and herbal notes. Much more than your average “lawnmower beer”.

Perry Street: Czech Pilsner 4.6% ABV
Our pilsner is brilliantly crisp and clear, with notes of biscuit, cracker and bread. Native Czech Saaz hops provide the perfect balance and spiciness throughout, while our house lager strain leaves this pilsner clean and crushable.

Fremont Brewing's Golden Pilsner : 4.5% ABV
 Bohemian Pilsner Malt, White Wheat, and Acidulated Malt with Czech Saaz hops. For those good times with friends when you just need a "regular" unbelievably refreshing, great tasting beer! Stay golden friends. 

Whistle Punk's Post Modern Pilsner: German Style 4.6% ABV
 German style Pilsner brewed with Steffi Barley from LINC Malt and hopped generously with Saaz and Waimea. Notes of lemon, lime, and citrus zest.

Icicle Brewing's Premium Pilsner: International Style 4.9% ABV
 Born from the crystal-clear waters of the Icicle River, this carefully crafted pilsner is perfect for any occasion. Crisp, clean and endlessly refreshing, Premium Pilsner is well-balanced with a light hop character. It’s subtle, yet refined, with lightly floral aromas, smooth mouthfeel, and satisfying finish. Brewed with Noble hops in the international style, this is an easy-drinking beer that’s as fresh as the waters from which it was born.

Lumberbeard Brewing's Lake Beer Pilsner:  German Style 5% ABV
 Crisp easy drinking lager for those days hanging out at the lake, or imagining you are

Pelican Brewing's Pelican Pilsner: German Style 4.5% ABV
 Pelican Pilsner is a love note in liquid form, to you, from the Pelican brewers. It's a beer so honest and exposed every ingredient is on display in its purest form. With classic elegance and balance, the aromatic hops and toasty, bready malts interplay for a perfect palate pleaser. The distinct quaffability is off the chart, yet the complexity of nuanced flavors allows the curious to explore to another level. A lean, hoppy balance in the finish is reminiscent of the Pilsners of Northern Germany. Take a sip and fall in love with a new take on an old favorite.

Uprise Brewing's Pilsner: German Inspired 4.8% ABV
 German inspired pilsner cold conditioned in horizontal lagering tanks allowing delicate aromas of wild flower and honey to shine. Bright, crisp and clean.

YAYA Brewing's Spohemian Pilsner: Czech Style 5.1% ABV
light-bodied with soft texture on the palate. Notes of lemon and straw with a quintessential bite on the back end.


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